From Adel Imam's الزعيم. A play that would often find its way back on TV's across the Arab world at least once a year. First performed and recorded for broadcast in 1993 it etched it's place since as a benchmark and timeless piece from a golden era of Arab and Egyptian comedy. 

Al-Zaeem (Arabic:'The Boss') is a nine scene political satire play. The play was written by Farouq Sabri, and starring Adel Emam, Ahmed Rateb, Youssef Dawoud, and Ragaa Al Geddawy. The play talks about Zeinhom, a simple man who could not hold out in any business for long time because he looks like his country's President (Al-Zaeem).

The quote on the shirt is an excerpt from an infamous scene in the play where Zeinhom wishes death by luxury tourist bus upon someone.

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